NLP Classes

Have you ever had one of those productive days, where things flowed easily and effortlessly? How does one have more of those kinds of days?

When you begin to understand how your mind works, you are able to make conscious choices that produce desired results.

As you learn the language of your unconscious mind, you begin to develop greater levels of rapport with it. This translates to your ability to make choices that are empowered, with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro refers to your neurology and how your body functions are regulated by your neurology. Linguistic refers to language and how you communicate with yourself and others. Programming refers to how your mind and language work together to define your behavior.

Simply put, NLP is the blueprint for how each of us processes information. NLP unlocks our potential by showing us how to utilize our uniqueness. We offer a program that teaches how you do what you do, using the mind and language.

Monthly classes go into depth of NLP, following the NLP Practitioner Training Manual. This mind expanding material is shared in a classroom environment that is interactive with exercises.

In the course you will learn:

  • The power of the unconscious mind
  • How to be at cause in every moment
  • The different modalities V-A-K-O-G
  • A number of exercises designed to create positive results
  • Linguistic patterns to help you become a more effective communicator

In addition to monthly classes, one-on-one work us available to address specific needs such as the following:

  • Releasing fear
  • Test preparation
  • Creating resourceful states
  • Developing rapport skills with others
  • Letting go of undesired habits and foods

Instructor Bowley believes we can live in a world where every person is empowered to be in control of them self and become capable of creating the future they choose.

Class Schedule

Contact Aaron for more information and class schedule. Send an email to aarond.bowley{at}

Meet Your Instructor

Aaron Bowley

Aaron Bowley

As an accredited Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, he is advancing these skills into the field of human dynamics. He coaches students and adults in gaining understanding about their personal learning styles, and how each individual naturally learns and processes information uniquely with their mind.

When he’s not working with clients to achieve the optimal edge in their understanding of themselves, you can find him advancing his skills in Kung Fu. He also enjoys discovering new and interesting films.

Aaron’s mission is to bring the skills and knowledge from his training in NLP, communication, and change work, into teaching our youth and adults to have a better understanding of how they learn and operate. His results are focused on empowering people so they may move through their world with greater confidence and live the life they choose.