The Way of the Disentangled Adventurer

Are you one who seeks? Do you have the ‘gift of insight’ yet it has remained a curse all these years? Have you many unanswered questions and wonderings, which have left you wandering, dazed and confused? Who am I?  Why am I here?  What’s the purpose of being a human on this planet Earth? Have your worldly experiences left you entangled amongst the briars of life? Your choices, based on old memories replaying, have gotten you right here to this point and up until now have kept you separate—separate from Source Energy. What ‘if’ you were able to wake up in the machine, stay present in the moment, self-observe without judgment and assert your true nature into the positive learning that life is constantly attempting to deliver to us?

But how? Where do you go?  How does one actually wake up in the machine? Why would I even want to wake up?  What if you could learn practical ways in which to work with your Psychological scripting and how it serves us to run the same old patterns, and what is their positive intention, the knowing of which will allow us to passionately complete our many life tasks?

In reading this section of our website, are you looking for something different?  It’s that seeking that keeps speaking to you quietly, over and over again … “ There is something more, I can feel it.” That voice has sent you here to The Way of the Disentangled Adventurer.

Join us on Wednesday nights 6:30- 9:30pm at The Rudra Center here in Denton, Texas. We have ongoing Self-Knowledge, spiritual psychology classes where we learn and share our experiences on the good road of the Disentangled Adventurer. Engaging and embracing The Way of the Disentangled Adventurer means that you are leaning into Life with all your messiness, personality and past experiences learned and unlearned. We do this with conscious effort as a means to Spiritual Liberation.

People are able to easily embrace the knowledge that we are working together with Life and there is space for joy.  The joy of saying “yes”, the joy of learning how we do and don’t do, and the joy of seeing just how we can improve, all while redeeming ourselves from our unconscious incompetence.

See Blue Thunder Lodge section for schedule of on going classes and events.

Meet Your Instructor

Silver Ra Baker

Silver Ra Baker

The Grand Architect and Spiritual Activities Director of the Rudra Center for Enlightened Awareness. Teaches the Center’s foundation practice of Rudra Meditation sessions, along with the Contemporary Shamanic Studies of the Sweet Medicine Sun Dance Path of Self-Knowledge teachings. A Sacred Pipe Carrier and provides monthly Full Moon Pipe Ceremonies & leads our monthly Purification Sweat Lodge Ceremonies. BS in Education from North Texas State University – first teaching field Art. Instructs the Center’s weekly Self Knowledge/ Spiritual Psychology classes. NLP Change Work Practitioner and Transformational Breathing Facilitator. Shodan in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido. Leads Fire Purification Ceremonies. 27 year Sun Dancer; Embraces & shares the transformative life teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff.

Serves as the President of the Board of Directors of the nonprofit Kundalini Yoga Ashram, founder of the World International Arts for Life Society and the Spiritual Architect and builder of the Stupa of Intrinsic Transformation, in Big Indian New York.

Internationally recognized Visionary Artist of esoteric and mystical Fine Art Paintings and prints – Baker Originals.