Holistic Body Care

What is it?

A gentle touch that allows for the integration of life experience stored in the body as tension.

Perfect for anyone seeking a way to integrate stress, change, or tension without the forceful “fix it” mentality… Flowtrition is a holistic and simply profound way to release tension, gain awareness, and realign within oneself.

Through this may come healing on any and all levels: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and life force (chi, qi).  Here, ‘healing’ can be understood as energy being unblocked, redirected and restored throughout the whole Being for its benefit.

How does it work?

The practitioner has been trained to locate places on the body, which are very specific and usually appear along the spine, that signal a need for connection.  The actual contact on the body is variably light in terms of pressure. Each person is unique, and Flowtrition serves that uniqueness. Every session may be different because the places of contact purely depend on how the body is responding to current events, emotions or stress.

It is through the central nervous system that our environment is communicated to us, and as we are confronted with stress, change or trauma, the system often responds in “fight, flight or freeze” mode – creating unique expressions of tension or pain in the body.  We typically “move on” without knowing how to fully integrate the experience, so even though the event is over, the body may still be responding as if it is still occurring. In a Flow session, we see all responses as perfect and respect that there is a Higher Power at work there.

We are now free to access and use this tool to renew and restore the flow of energy in our bodies and in our lives!

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Class Schedule

Individual sessions are available.

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Meet Your Instructor

Ashlyn Mansfield Flowtrition Instructor Photo

Ashlyn Mansfield

Ashlyn is a Flowtrition Practitioner located in Denton, Texas.  She was introduced to Flow through a friend, and saw immediate results in her own sessions; she felt space open up inside her and she felt free to breathe fully, relax, and be more of her natural self.  Before she found Flowtrition, she had been certified as a Reiki Practitioner, and felt there was a calling for something more that she needed to learn. Upon meeting Dr. Lance Wright, the founder of Flowtrition, Ashlyn decided to begin studying the practice with him as soon as possible.  Her studies include Flow with humans, horses, dogs and cats. She has completed all five levels and continues to learn from Dr. Wright.

Always a seeker, she has long felt there are ways we each can learn to ignite our inner flame.  This initial truth led her to work with animals, and now she is inspired to help more humans and animals raise the quality of their Being and liveliness.  She believed there was more to health than just medicine and “fixing problems.” She researched natural pet and human health and nutrition and ultimately began studying how the Spirit plays a part in our well-being and overall experience of Life.  This is what led her to the Rudra Center, where she is a practitioner of the Way of the Disentangled Adventurer, and a devotee to Spiritual expression and personal growth.