Kung Fu

Kung Fu

Developed thousands of years ago, Kung Fu was designed to enhance energy (ch’i) flow throughout the body and increase power. It’s applications still remain relevant to this day as a healthy way to exercise mind, body, and spirit. Our school teaches Southern Shaolin Kung Fu with modern day applications. Due to Covid, ZOOM options are available.

The benefits of Kung Fu include: 

  • Better Health, Vitality, Flexibility and Physical Conditioning

  • Positive Behavioral Changes

  • Improved Leadership Skills

  • Bolstered Self-confidence

  • Improved Self-image

  • Achieve a higher level of focus and productivity at work and school

  • Increased attention to Courtesy and Respect

Movement and Physical Conditioning

With our school’s focus on LONGEVITY, our style of Southern Shaolin Tiger and Crane will assist you to develop discipline, grace, strength and coordinated, flexible movement. This system is designed to to strengthen body and mind to work together as a unified team.

Stop making excuses and START Creating Results! All fitness levels are welcome and supported. 

Class Schedule

Monday 5:45PM – 6:45PM

Monday (Over Zoom) 7PM – 7:45PM

Friday 6PM – 7PM

Contact Instructor Bowley and Schedule Your Complimentary Lesson Today!

Phone or Txt: 682-465-6884

Email: AaronD.Bowley@Gmail.com

Meet Your Instructor

Aaron Bowley

Aaron Bowley

Instructor Aaron Bowley is a First Degree Black Belt in Southern Shaoloin Kung Fu, a student of Grand Master Jerry Dibble, and has been training since 2014. He teaches students of all fitness levels with a focus promoting longevity of body, mind, and spirit in his Kung Fu training program.