Nityananda Statue and Mandir

Our Sacred Place Needs Your Help!

The Kundalini Yoga Ashram, corporate entity of The Rudra Center for Enlightened Awareness, has been a legal non-profit 501(c) 3 organization since 1972. Our mission is to make ancient spiritual practices available to more people and to offer complementary programs to support the total well-being of body, mind, and spirit.

Rudra Center for Enlightened Awareness

Since 1971, the Kundalini Yoga Ashram, affectionately known as The Rudra Center for Enlightened Awareness, has been serving the community by compassionately opening its doors to seekers of self-knowledge. The Ashram provides a place of rediscovery for individuals who have lost their way on their life’s journey and those who have forgotten who they are in the world.

As the last active original ashram of the Rudranada Lineage, the community has served tens of thousands of people seeking to reconnect with their spirit and develop a spiritually focused lifestyle in its 45 plus years. These programs have provided a foundation for individuals to create a more compassionate, service-focused and purposeful life, and continues to inspire people to be part of the solution on this planet we all share. Many individuals who have studied here have moved on to successful careers in holistic healthcare, ecological farming, teaching and much more.

Today we are reaching out asking for support to sustain this spiritual oasis for generations to come and we pray you will see the value in our need – to help us purchase a statue of Bhagavan Nityananda and build a new Mandir to house this statue for generations to come.


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The History and The Why

We have been given a gracious opportunity to bring a spiritual representation of Nityananda, Rudrananda’s teacher, to our school here in Denton. In 2007, Swami Khecaranatha, also known as Nathaji, commissioned a large black marble statue to be carved of Bhagavan Nityananda. Since 2007, this representation of Nityananda has received worship and ongoing blessings in Nathaji’s school. These blessings will be transferred to our school for all who come and connect to the land.

Many have received great benefit from connecting to the four main teachers in the spiritual work here at the Rudra Center for Enlightened Awareness. We call this sphere of influence and support the “Rudra Mandala” and this includes the teachers Rudrananda, Nityananda, Shakyamuni Buddha and Padmasambhava.

It has been a focus to have four large representations of each of these teachers on the land here in Denton. We aim to serve the people by providing an opportunity to connect to and use these teachers in their spiritual work and personal development. We currently have a large statue of Rudranada and Shakyamuni Buddha and we will soon be receiving a large Tibetan Thangka painting of Padmasambhava. This statue of Nityananda would complete the form manifestation of the four teachers.

It is a big opportunity and responsibility that we are willing to take on, but we will need your support to do so. We are asking for financial pledges and or donations to support this forward and upward movement here at the Rudra Center for Enlightened Awareness. We hope to have this opportunity easily actualized. All donations are tax deductible.



Part 1:

The total price for the statue is $10,000, this is a fair price for a 44” tall statue. This price includes having it crated and shipped from California to the Rudra Center in Texas.

Part 1 Price: $10,000

Part 2:

the total price for the material to construct the Mandir that will house this statue for generations to come is $8,000, bringing our total costs to $18,000.

Part 2 Price: $8,000


Total Funds Needed: $18,000

There are many ways to give

Any amount is welcomed and appreciated

One-time Donation:

  • All donation amounts are welcomed and are tax deductible 

Recurring Giver:

We are grateful for those who choose to continue to give so we may continue to serve the community.


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  • Hope: $25
  • Compassion: $50
  • Generosity: $75
  • Service: $100

Donation by Check:

Make check payable to “Kundalini Yoga Ashram” and deliver or mail to:
Kundalini Yoga Ashram
611 North Locust Street suite 1-E
Denton, Texas 76201
Phone number- 940.382.0732

We are reaching out to our extended communities, individuals, foundations, and corporations for assistance in our efforts to restore our infrastructure, so that we can continue serving the community around us.

Your tax-deductible donation will help us provide a safe sanctuary for programs that we are committed to offering for generations

Thank you for all of your heart felt contributions!