Our Story

We Are The Rudra Center for Enlightened Awareness aka Kundalini Yoga Ashram, Inc., an organization that provides impactful Spiritual experiences for individuals seeking to find a higher meaning and purpose to their lives and the lives of their families.

We are a 501C3 tax exempt Spiritual Organization and have been since 1971.

Our Vision

  • To be an outstanding Spiritual Center of Inspiration, a positive force for change, while making creative differences in the lives of all associated with us.
  • To provide innovative tools of Self Knowledge for effective and dynamic living expressions.
  • To stimulate more choices as to how one experiences themselves as a Vibrational Being, attracting their heart’s desires and living within their personal Destiny.
  • To assist and provide human resources for excelling & evolving, while enhancing peace, harmony, health and Well-Being.
  • To promote personal and planetary healing.
  • To maintain this organization’s expanding growth and self sufficiency, through gracious donations and tithing.

Our Mission

  • Make this a better place to live, by offering programs and classes that provide: result-centered skills, inner awareness tools, knowledge that works, and expansive choices on the leading edge of thought.
  • Promote Spiritual practice, Self Empowerment, Spiritual Purification, Personal Hygiene and Well-Being, Self Knowledge and individual freedoms.
  • Provide an Oasis of Awakening for people to reclaim their spiritual truth and purpose.
  • Offer dynamic, ethical, ancient and innovative programs for Self discovery and co-empowerment, through a variety of spiritual traditions and inner disciplines that work.
  • Assist humanity to claim its personal empowerment in a Sacred and balanced way.
  • Touch our World with Beauty by installing health, hope, happiness, humor and harmony as our natural birthright.

“History” is as such:

Rudra Center emerged in the early 1970’s out of the spiritual need of a small group of seekers in Denton Texas, who happened to meet Swami Rudrananda (Rudi) in Dallas Texas, while attending Swami Muktananda’s first tour.

Rudi was studying with and was a swami (spiritual representative) for Baba Muktananda at that time, and presented a speech that was inspiring, spiritually accessible and changed these people’s lives.

After the overall presentation, he was personally invited to Denton by this group. He obliged and the wheels of creation followed him, as he then offered to set up a meditation group for them and established an Ashram (place to study spirituality) in 1971.

To house this spiritual school for study, a small two story plantation house was pulled off the real-estate market at 611 North Locust Street, by his placing a down payment for its purchase. He left the rest to be generated and paid for by the students. The work that followed created immense growth potential for all involved.

After Rudi left for his home in Manhattan, New York, the small group of students realized that it would be difficult to maintain these efforts by themselves, at this early stage, and requested a ‘teacher’ be sent to them to assist in their learning. Rudi then sent one of his leading disciples at the time, Stuart Perrin, to fulfill this role for him.

Rudi would continue to visit Denton, once or twice year, until his untimely crossing in 1973, to promote and assist in the Ashram’s spiritual growth and development. His guidance, and the demands that he placed upon all involved, were the inspiration and the light that nourished this seedling into growing and blooming into its present expression.

Upon Rudi’s crossing, Stuart Perrin assumed the full task at hand in Denton and continued to teach within and build the situation until 1978, when he passed the mantel to Mister Robert Baker (Silver Ra) who has maintained and continued to build upon it until the present time. As the present ‘caregiver,’ Silver Ra has incorporated many additional spiritual approaches, besides Rudra Meditation – the founding discipline, into the teaching format and has been the vehicle and focus of this Oasis of Awakening since that time. During Silver’s personal learning years with Rudi, his teacher often told him “to create a type of Spiritual University, where many kinds and types of spiritual work could coexist together”. Silver Ra has continued to build upon his ‘God Father’s’ vision to this day as chief instructor and guide for the Rudra Center for Enlightened Awareness.