In 1994, a third roof was added to the Ashram. This was built on top of the two failing roofs.

Texas Weather

Every year in North Texas we experience storm season from the months of March through June, then again in the fall from October through December. These harsh storms bring strong winds, tornadoes, and large hail every season.

No Insurance

It is important to note that the Ashram does not have home insurance and because of this all expenses are left to the community to cover. The cost of insurance is more than the Ashram can manage month-to-month.

Devastating Hail Storm

In 2014, we experienced a severely harsh hail storm that rained golf ball-sized hail demolishing our roof.

15 Years of Patching

As a way to keep costs low and protect residents, participants and sacred art we have spent the last 15 years patching leaks on the roof of our teacher quarters and meditation hall.

The Reality

After years of this practice we are faced with the reality that we are in need of a new roof. The leaks have been unmanageable for the last 7 years and the damage is increasing on the ceilings and walls of the community hall. The cost keeps accumulating and we are forced to address the roof with proper construction.